Haha... Cool... I like the ICY DRINK HACK. It's so awesome... How come I never thought about that before....! Chick it out....!


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It reminds me one thing that Taiwanese teachers or students from the best University of Taiwan created words for Chinese meals. I personally think it is really useless, but you may want to pay attention to the situation that the videos mention. 



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Don't give up your dram. I mentioned about "Motivation" in Blog area and this is a good video for you. No one encourages you? This one does. 



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Quote : You can only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
Do you find your dream job? I am on my way to.... my friends, hope you find yours as well.

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Students in Taiwan are very pathetic living under a weird English learning system. They are learning old English which sometimes no one use in the western countries. However, they have no choice for that. 


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I met a Japanese friend who told me her English was bad when she got here. However, her English is so good and she says she only spends one year here and learn English from daily life. I think she is really a special case.... how come....! I need to spend more time study with her...I think.

聽讀很有用的樣子, 練習練習再練習, 家裏住了一個日本人, 說來澳洲時, 一句英文都不會, 現才一年英文超強的, 真的是特例, 語言能力太強了....! 我要來讀日文...!


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